Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hardy's Hantaran

ayul 2

My cousin just got engaged recently.. many congratulation my dearest cousin H and his fiancee D. Here is my mum showcasing her latest design of 'tapak sirih' for the engagement hantaran

ayul 3

If only this blog have smellovision :) the smell of lilies and roses fills up the whole room that day.. it beats any air freshener or scented candles..

ayul 4

Notice how 'duit pembuka mulut' is incorporated into the flower arrangement

ayul 5

ayul 1

My aunt suggested to my mum to use crystal stand instead of the normal 'gangsa'. I think it works really nicely..

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Sirih Junjung & fruit basket


Nowadays we can have strawberries all year round.. they have the scrumptious colour of red.


My mum tried the new sirih junjung using Antarium flowers (her new favourite).. I like it :) how about u guys?