Tuesday, December 23, 2008

your something blue..

On previous post I mentioned how we are always tempted to use blue as the colour
scheme to give to the man we love.. why? I guess you can never go wrong with the
colour that is synonimous to boys... men... since the day we were born :) what is it ya..
baby soft blue? creamy dreamy blue? or I'm-so in-love-with-blyou? hehe.. sorry guys..
my feeble attempt to be a poet..






Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Green and Silver

Before creating this 'hantaran' my mum was contemplating whether it was a good idea to use green as a colour scheme.. she thought it would be too dull.. She tried on many greens before she perfected it with this creation :) How does my mum n aunt do it.. They always seem to surprise me.. always..

Notice how they introduce a bit of colour to the greens (just a bit), to break the monotony.. and the result just looks chic :)

Sirih Junjung

It was fun doing a purple themed 'sirih junjung' cos u can really have a grand day picking the flowers.. Here, its like a flower party on a 'gangsa' hehe.. so many beautiful flowers to use..

ofcourse the signature bettlenut flower is never forgotten :)

Traditional fruit basket still have its appeal..

Check out the crab-like plant my mum use to decorate the fruit basket!! talk about loud ya hehe.. this is for the zen in you..

Monday, August 11, 2008

Al-Quran & Sejadah


Its been a while since I last wrote anything on this blog... sooo busy with lots of orders coming in... thank you for trusting us to take care of one of the most importing part of your wedding :).. Since we first started at the beginning of this year.. our collection have increased in selections in terms of colours (for the 'lapik gangsa') to different types of flowers to go with the colour schemes available, as well as the design of the fruit baskets and 'sirih junjung'. Here are the similar silver box with maroon motif.. It just gives it that extra character from the normal silver boxes available earlier. Mum n Basai are really amazing.. their creative juice just keeps flowing.. No 2 'gubahan' are ever the same. I just hope I get to be half as creative as them.. that is all I ask :)

I love it when 'hantaran' have its personal touch from either the bride or groom.. It just shows that they have gone that extra mile to make it extra extra special for that extra extra extra special someone :) (sigh..) check out this personalised ribbons from the bride to her beloved groom.. Hmmm... what other personalised things can be incorporated into the 'hantaran'... lets see... hidden messages in a scroll... personalised m&m's (I saw my cuz made some when she went to NY hehe..) What else can you think off? :)

Its so nice to have 'saprah' when arranging the 'hantaran' for viewing.. we have white and silver as shown on previous post. We also have cream and gold (which I personally think is really grand) and now we have it in tenunan Brunei which makes the whole presentation timeless and really classic as shown in the picture above.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Latest Hantaran in Maroon

Mum and Aunt recently had a client requesting for a maroon theme. They used maroon "lapik gangsa" with silver beadings. The flowers were roses of 3 different colours. T

We also have the Silver box with maroon motive.