Saturday, May 3, 2008

We also offer food for hantaran

This is my favourite beef dish from my mum.. i swear! its dry so its very suitable for hantaran as it won't be messy during delivery ;)
My aunt (Basai Fatimah, mum's partner and beloved sister) made this dish.. Really yummy deep fried prawn with dipping sauce at the side. Even nice on its own.

Basai Fatimah being a caterer herself has her own rotisserie. Thus stood this rotisserie chicken proud and yummy in a bed of lettuce

My other Aunt (a friend of the bride's family) is also a fantastic cook. She did this fantastic looking kelupis lapat together with the complimentary beef rendang..

She also did this wajid in pandan leaves arranged in 4 tier circular arrangement. i am sure you guys have not seen this version of "wajid temburong" before :)

Mum makes flower and heart shaped pickled papaya. Trust me this is yummy, have a better crunch than the typical cucumber

These cupcakes.. i make :0) pink sugar paste with bread flowers

Young coconut flesh jelly.. my mums hot selling agar agar dish.. she sells them in the small flower bite size portion as seen on top of the big jelly

Sirih Junjung and Fruit Basket

mum just loves using lilies :) the young beetle nut looks gorgeous and they really compliment the overall look

Here she uses pink lillies (what did i tell you :) hehe..) with orchids in the silver box

mangoes are a must in a fruit basket yum yum :)

..... and dragon fruit just looks regal :)

i will upload more pictures of previous "sirih junjung" and fruit baskets that she did

Friday, May 2, 2008

Silver and grey hantaran

The grey concept comes from T (our cute client). We suggested she uses the silver boxes with white 'lapik'. The flowers were kept pastel... sooo tasty :)

Jong Sarat in silver themed glass casing

Close up of the hantaran on decorated grey square foam with silver beadings.

The pearl flower with silver butterflies seems to go well with this deco

Gift for the guys - you are always tempted to go blue ya..

but the white rose with pink centre seems to exude "romantic masculinity" hehe what do you think?

The silver tray is use to keep shirts and cara melayu

Chocolates from a friend.. buy your chocolates and we can make turn them to flowered jewels

Wallet and Belt goes well together